July 2024

Badge of of Royal Green Jackets, circular with a crown at the top

The Royal Green Jackets was an infantry regiment of the British Army. This Royal Green Jackets cap badge was found by metal detectorists in the Fishponds in the 1990s.

Soldiers have always worn a badge on their headwear. The badge serves to identify the regiment or corps they belong to, as every regiment’s badge has a unique design. The Royal Green Jackets cap badge features the crown of Queen Elizabeth II at the top. In the centre is a bugle horn, positioned on a Maltese Cross, the arms of which list battle honours of the regiment. At the bottom of the badge is a naval crown.

The Royal Green Jackets were posted in various parts of the world, including West Germany, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Sierra Leone and Kosovo. In 2007, they were merged with three other Army regiments to form The Rifles.

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