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The Market Square in Eynsham, showing St Leonard's Church and the Bartholomew Room
March 2024

Eynsham’s Lost Railway exhibition returns!

A section of the model railway at the temporary exhibition 'Eynsham's Lost Railway' in December 2023, showing a passenger train, the station, houses vehicles and roads.

From 23 March 2024, Eynsham Museum will be reopening the doors to this popular exhibition for a further two months. On display will be a working model of the station as it was in 1958, along with a video of the last passenger train, artefacts from Eynsham Station and a display illustrating the beginnings of the Witney line in 1861 to its closure by GWR in 1970. The museum is run by volunteers and entry is free, but donations are very welcome! We look forward to seeing new and returning visitors alike.

Opening times 

  • Saturday 23 March – 27 May 2024 on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays from 11am to 4pm
  • Closed on Easter Sunday

Eynsham’s Rural Past exhibition in the planning

We are planning a new exhibition for summer and autumn 2024. The topic of the exhibition will be Eynsham’s Rural Past. We would love you to help us, if you can! Do you have any items that you could loan to us for the period of the exhibition? Examples might be old tools, art, craft or trade artefacts – anything that helps to paint a picture of the rural life of Eynsham of old. Or can you share your memories of Eynsham before all the farms and barns were swept away or converted into housing? If so, please see the Contact us page for ways to get in touch to let us know.

February 2024

Given the enthusiasm generated by our temporary exhibition, Eynsham’s Lost Railway, and the fact that some residents were unable to visit last year, we have decided to reopen the doors for a further two months. The exhibition will open on Saturday 23 March 2024 and run through to 27 May. We look forward to seeing new and returning visitors alike!

December 2023

On Friday 08 December 2023, a group of Year 5 Eynsham Primary School children, accompanied by their teacher and the Head of School, were given a special tour around the Railway exhibition. The model maker, David Thomas, was also there to run the different trains and to answer questions.

The children were enthusiastic, interested and very well behaved. They were asked to fill in an evaluation form of the different aspects of the displays, and the feedback was universally positive. The model, the video and the artefacts attracted most praise, and all but one felt that they had learned something new about Eynsham. The most fulsome comments were: ‘Everyone there was so kind and nice! I LOVED IT!’ ‘It was amazing and I learned lots of things and I had so much fun;’ ‘It was the best afternoon ever;’ ‘It was great;’ and ‘That was super fun.’ One suggestion to improve the experience was to have ‘something interactive’, which we will certainly take on board. Altogether, the afternoon was very enjoyable and something that we would like to repeat.

November 2023

Our hugely successful temporary exhibition, Eynsham’s Lost Railway, is now closed. But watch this space, as we may be able to open the doors to the exhibition again in Spring 2024! For now, we thank all of you who visited, and who gave your wonderful and helpful feedback. Thanks, too, to the EMHC volunteers who made it possible to open the Museum doors and, of course, to everyone involved with putting together the exhibition itself.

In November, Eynsham Day Centre invited Steve Parrinder of EMHC to give a talk to senior citizens during one of their regular Monday Clubs. The event was held at the Village Hall and the subject was Eynsham’s Lost Railway.

Senior citizens watch an Eynsham Museum talk on Eynsham’s Lost Railway in the Village Hall.

We are delighted to say that, due to the popularity of our temporary exhibition, Eynsham’s Lost Railway, we are going to keep the exhibition open for longer. So do come along at weekends, between 11am and 4pm, throughout the rest of October and to the end of November 2023 to read about the history of the railway and to see the detailed working model of the station and its surroundings. We look forward to welcoming you.


Our temporary exhibition, Eynsham’s Lost Railway, is proving to be a great success. In the first four weekends of opening, we had 780 visitors!

Comments left in the Visitor Book indicate that people were very impressed, particularly with the model railway. Local residents were especially interested and grateful, but we also had people come from far and wide, from Havant to Manchester — and even a couple from San Antonio, Texas! The exhibition seems to appeal to all ages, too, from teenagers to retirees, to families with young children. For those who might find the stairs challenging, we have put together a video of the display, which can be viewed downstairs.

We have learned a lot from people who can remember the railway and its station, and some railway buffs have been able to correct some of our labelling. We have also had offers of artefacts for the Museum, and a number of people have signed up to become Friends of Eynsham Museum and Heritage Centre, providing us with some financial security.

If the model railway maker is agreeable to the idea, we may extend the exhibition.

Eynsham's Lost Railway poster. Exhibition of working model. August to October 2023. Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, 11 to 4. Eynsham Museum and Heritage Centre. Bartholomew Room in the Square. Logo.

Eynsham Museum’s first temporary exhibition, Eynsham’s Lost Railway, is now open! We look forward to welcoming you at weekends until the end of October, and also on the August Bank Holiday. 

Four different postcards of the model railway are available to purchase at the Museum. You can see them by clicking on Visit.

JULY 2023

We are delighted to announce a temporary exhibition, Eynsham’s Lost Railway, which will be open for visitors at weekends and on the August bank holiday, during August to October 2023. Come and see an accurate working model of Eynsham’s railway, which was closed down in the 1960s.

MAY 2023

The Eynsham Museum project has been a long time in the planning, but it is at last coming to fruition!

For some time, we have been fundraising and searching for a suitable home. We have had enthusiastic support from Eynsham History Group and the Eynsham Society, as well as donations from individuals and members of the public. The Oxfordshire Museum Resources Centre have helped enormously, too  not least the fantastic Heritage Day in March 2022, for which we jointly won an award.

All we lacked was a home for the Museum. The perfect location  the Bartholomew Room in the Square  became available last year. There have been a few unexpected hitches, but we now have the keys!

We are greatly indebted to Eynsham Parish Council for all their support and encouragement, and for granting us the lease. Having a building for Eynsham Museum and Heritage Centre will mean that we can start to apply for the grant funding we need to design, plan and fit it out. We can then properly celebrate and enjoy our local heritage!

We will be looking to involve the community soon in the creation of the Museum. Watch this space!

Steve Parrinder receives a Society for Museum Archaeology award for Eynsham’s Heritage Day at Nottingham University, September 2022.

In September 2022, Eynsham’s Heritage Day won a National Award for an ‘Engagement and/or Collaboration Project’ from the Society for Museum Archaeology. It was received by Steve Parrinder at Nottingham University.