The Market Square in Eynsham, showing St Leonard's Church and the Bartholomew Room

Our accessibility vision

We see good accessibility as the removal or reduction of physical, cultural, intellectual or psychological barriers to learning and enjoyment at the Museum.

Despite the limitations of the building, we aim to achieve the best possible access to the Museum’s collections, and to enable a wide spectrum of people from all sections of the community to enjoy use of the Museum’s facilities. 

Our objective is to build accessibility into everything that we do. We consider:

  • Physical accessibility – the ability of people with physical disabilities to reach and appreciate the Museum, and the needs of the elderly and of people caring for young children. 
  • Sensory accessibility – whether those with impaired vision or hearing can enjoy and appreciate the Museum’s building, exhibitions and collection.
  • Intellectual access – whether people with learning disabilities can engage with and enjoy the Museum and its exhibitions.

What we will offer

  • Free entry to all, except for some special exhibitions.
  • Opening three times per week.
  • Front of house staff/volunteers to assist and welcome all visitors. They will be available to help visitors to understand and enjoy the Museum’s collections.
  • A computer station in the ground-floor room with a digital interactive exhibition, as our first-floor room is not accessible to some people with physical disabilities.
  • For the comfort of our visitors, there will be seating and a WC in the Museum. The entrance, the ground-floor room that houses the local studies library, and the WC will be fully wheelchair accessible. 
  • By arrangement, we will offer artefact handling sessions for people with impaired vision. Please contact us at
  • A fully accessible website. See below.
  • A Friends organisation for those who wish to support us and/or play a more active role in the Museum.

Website accessibility

The team behind the EMHC website has tried to make it as accessible as possible. We hope that whoever needs to use our website can do so easily, and that everyone who visits it will feel welcome and find the experience rewarding. 

To facilitate access, the website is designed using a simple web page template. The pages consist of a page header, which displays the logo and the main menu links, followed by the main page content. The footer adds three additional helpful links, as well as a “Back to the top link” to return to the top of the page.

Features to aid accessibility of the website include the following:

  • Every feature of the website can be used when the text size is increased by 250%.
  • Website content reflows to a single column when the text size is increased by 250%.
  • The website can be navigated using just a keyboard.
  • The website can be navigated using speech recognition software.
  • The website can be accessed using a screen reader.

Please contact us at if you experience any problems using our website.