Eynsham Museum and Heritage Centre

The Market Square in Eynsham, showing St Leonard's Church and the Bartholomew Room
The Market Square in Eynsham, showing St Leonard’s Church and the Bartholomew Room

Uncovering the history of an ancient village

Eynsham Museum and Heritage Centre (EMHC) is a registered charity that was established in 2021 in order to:

  • showcase some of the wonderful objects that bring to life Eynsham’s long and distinguished history;
  • nurture pride in the community for its roots; and
  • provide inspiration for future generations.

In March 2023, Eynsham Parish Council granted EMHC a lease on the Bartholomew Room in the Market Square. Our aim is to involve the whole community, especially children and young people, in planning, designing and running a new Museum in the heart of the village. 

Since autumn 2023, we have held an exhibition on Eynsham’s Lost Railway which, due to its popularity, was reopened for a further two months. Our next exhibition, Eynsham’s Rural Past will open on 13 July 2024 (see News items below and/or in the News archive). We look forward to welcoming you there.



May 2024

The last day of our exhibition Eynsham’s Lost Railway was on 27 May 2024. However, don’t despair if you still hadn’t got round to seeing the remarkable working model of Eynsham Station and its environs as they were in 1958. Our new exhibition, Rural Eynsham, craftily incorporates the model into the story, as the coming of the railway in 1861 significantly contributed to the decline of the village as an isolated, largely agricultural and self-contained unit, opening up new possibilities for its residents, which were given further impetus by the expansion of road transport from the 1930s onwards.

Amongst other things, the Rural Eynsham exhibition will include:

  • a photographic display of Eynsham’s farming and development over the years;
  • a video of some of Eynsham’s surviving farm buildings (see Father Martin Flatman’s article in Issue 68 of Eynsham News);
  • artefacts of rural trades and occupations;
  • maps;
  • a jigsaw puzzle; and
  • the model (of course!).

We will open on Saturday 13 July 2024, and continue every weekend and Bank Holiday, 11am ­– 4pm, until Sunday 27 October 2024.

The museum is run by volunteers and is free to visitors, but donations are very welcome to help the charity pay its bills and plan for the future (see Support).

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Object of the month

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  • June 2024
    This medieval door key was found in the garden of a house in Abbey Place, a few metres from what was the west front of Eynsham Abbey. … Read more: June 2024
A medieval door key, complete and made of iron.